Cool Down The “Super-hot “WPC Product

WPC product

When you walk into the production workshop of wood plastic composite WPC product, you will be attracted by the flowing water of the production line

Do you What the above picture shows?
Let us find out together.

Stable Structure

The extruded part of the WPC product is super-hot, about 170°C.

Consequently, quick cooling of the product is a high priority, as it helps the product keep the formed geometry and dimensional stability, with no warping and side bending.
A cold-water bath allowed the WPC to cool to normal room temperature.

Obviously, Submerging the WPC product underwater would be the easiest way to achieve this goal.

wpc product

Shorten Production Time

The special design of the cooling tank can increase the production speed.
The shorter cooling time makes the production process faster which allows us to use the production line more fully.

The extrusion molding line speed could be approximately 0.3~1 m/min.
After cooling, the WPC profile is passed through a dicing saw, which allows the product to be cut to the desired length.
Some might have a little confusion-why not choose natural cooling, you can save a cooling system?
This is a good question!
Natural cooling is possible to avoid overwater cracking, but it is not the most preferred.
1. Natural Cooling has high technical requirements, Or It may occur warp and side bend.
2. Long cooling time and slow production speed.


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