WPC(wood plastic composite) contains wood fiber,  HDPE (high-density polyethylene material), and filler.

Produced by extrusion machine under high temperature and high pressure
So how is KELAI WPC is produced to be the final products like decking, fence, and cladding?

Firstly: Let Us Understand raw materials.

Wood fiber: powder particles in 80-100 mesh coarse fineness (mesh means the number of holes per square inch of screen, 20 mesh means 20 holes per square inch.) best.

If the powder is too fine, then the process cost is too high, plastic ingredients require more and cost more, but the finished product is too plastic.

However, if the powder is too coarse, the process costs will be lower, plastic ingredients require low, the finished product is lack integration, easy to crack.

In a word, the products that form our products are all good products.

HDPE: High-density polyethylene, a white powder or granular product, and an opaque white waxy material.

It has the characteristics of impact resistance, crack resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and low-temperature resistance.

Filler: color powder, anti-UV absorber, compatible additive.

Color powder is to match the color of WPC material, outdoor use can prevent fading.

Anti-UV absorbers can improve anti-aging properties.

A compatible additive is an additive to promote the compatibility of wood powder and plastic powder.

Secondly: The manufacturing of pellets

Mixing the above-mentioned raw materials according to a certain ratio, and through high-temperature fusion and drying, extrude the wood plastic pellets. Bagging for reserve.

wpc 3d decking
Thirdly: The extrusion stage

Several preparations NEED TO DO before the extrusion process:
1. Make sure that there are no impurities in the hopper or the remaining granules of other colors before, so as to avoid the production of WPC color impurity.
2. Check whether the vacuum equipment of the extruder is unobstructed.
3. Check whether the hopper is installed with a metal filter,

the granular material is handled by the metal filter to remove the metal impurities mixed in the granular material,

which reduces the wear of the metal impurities on the inside of the equipment and ensures the integration of materials.
4. Check whether the cooling water system is in normal operation. Timely cooling treatment ensures product stereotyping.
5. Installation of the mold.
6. Check other machines.
Four: After extrusion, it needs to be cold on the horizontal ground.
Five: According to the customer’s demand, do some processing

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