what is the difference of composite decking and traditional solid wood outdoor decking?

KELAI composite decking—-your best choice

KELAI wants to bring value and a broader product range to everyone,

KELAIWPC engaged in the research and development, production, and sales of alternatives to traditional lumber and wood plastic composite decking products.

WPC composite decking mixed recycled PE Plastics with cellulose fiber and extrudes them into a variety of profiles.

Today let us comparison composite decking and traditional solid wood outdoor decking.

composite decking


wood decks look good and are low-cost upfront

1.The purchase price
Solid wood outdoor decks WIN
The price of anti-corrosive wood decks is cheaper.
2.Beautiful surface
Solid wood outdoor decks WIN
Nature creates the element of wood that always brings a relaxing and natural feel to humans. Solid wood outdoor decks from the forest.

outdoor decking

WPC composite decking decks are made from high-grade recycled materials: plastic and wood.

From modern to rustic wood plank designs you will find a design that is sure to please you.
Composite decking combines the best properties of wood and high-density PE,  giving you profiles with the natural appearance of the finest species of timber.

composite decking

composite decking WIN
Firstly: The traditional solid wood outdoor decks require toxic chemicals for their anti-corrosion performance.
Secondly: As time goes on, the outdoor solid wood decking will be faded, aged, broken, and decayed due to the influence of climate, temperature difference, ants, mildew, and other factors.
Thirdly: Wood plastic composite decks will not be bent, deformed, or rot like traditional solid wood outdoor decks. There will not be wood thorns due to cracks.
So if there are children or pets in your house, or you like to be barefoot on the terrace to feel the sunshine, you won’t want to be hurt by wood thorns, cracks, and toxic chemicals

composite decking WIN
Firstly, The traditional solid wood outdoor requires regular oiling, staining, and sealing to resist weathering, warping, and damage by UV rays. Also, it cost 5% of the price.
Secondly, Composite decking requires little or no maintenance at all. Routine cleaning is enough. the cost of maintenance is 0%
That means not only you have more time to enjoy the outdoor life, but also greatly reduce maintenance costs.

5.Longer Lasting
Composite decking WIN
1. The traditional solid wood outdoor decks can be only used for a short time. Soon there will easily face cracks, swelling, and other problems, Maybe use 3-10 years.
2. Kelaiwpc composite decking has a 25-year warranty and will never let you down.

composite decking

Composite decking WIN
1. The traditional solid wood outdoor decks require a large amount of deforestation.
2. The composite decking can be recycled which will reduce the waste to a minimum.

kelai composite decking

In conclusion, the WPC composite decking is safe and environmentally friendly, you will be proud that you have protected your family and nature!

it’s time to choose some outdoor composite decking with better quality, longer service life, and more beautiful surface effects than traditional outdoor wood decks!


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