Playing Outdoor Free from Cares & Worries

We need Sunshine. We want the sunshine to be directly on the skin of our whole body. Surely it includes our feet. So we like to walk on the beach near the sea. When we play on the beach we are closest to the Nature and Sun. As you know, only people who live beside the sea can touch the beach easily. Others who want to touch the sea have to get a detailed trip plan. But is there any other way to be close to the Nature and Sun? Of course. If there is a place where we can play and chase after each other without shoes, it is the same as playing on the beach. Today we talk about some new material which can be made into decks to be installed beside the river or parks. The new material will help you to protect your feet from injury without shoes.

Barefoot sports, No spurs

Since I saw Tom & Jerry when I was a kid,I have been desire to have a space belonging to me.Like Tom and Jerry , there will be a yard where we can chase and have fun freely. So we are wanting a good place where to run and play we do not need to worry about any safety questions. But some people hesitate that doing barefoot sport will hurt their ankles and knees because of the hard ground. Is it right? No. You do not need to worry about that. We have made a floor to be elastic and a little bit soft. It is far suitable for sports. So here I would like to recommend it to you.

Anti-corrosion Water-proof & More Colors Appearance.

When I was a kid I like to watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. I was doubt why Mr. Crab’s canteen, a wooden shop, could be existed in the seawater. It is ridiculous. But now I know there is a new type of material calls WPC. What is WPC? WPC is made from wasted plan fiber, such as wood/bamboo power, and high-density polyethylene. It is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. The quality is very good. What’s more, we can provide more color choices for you. So it will make that finishes no longer monotonous and more popular. I especially like blue decks. It will be very popular as the color of the sea. At the same time, using these blue decks can make our home life more comfortable and increase our life satisfaction. Here I recommend these blue decks to you.

Environmental, Recycled, Easy to Clean, and Install

There is an old Chinese saying: “Do it yourself, get enough food and clothing.”. Today it is applicable for us as well. It shows a new and modern concept of life. It is a good and positive attitude towards life. Participating in and planning one’s own life is a high pursuit of one’s own living environment. We really agree with this approach. so we launched the DIY WPC Decking.


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