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Affected by strong cold air in winter, most regions in various countries experience widespread cooling weather, with some areas also experiencing rainfall and snowfall. When it comes to cooling weather, it’s just an instant, a fleeting moment. Many people just close their windows and don’t go out to resist the cold air. Little did they know that on the second or third day, they realized that their terrace was covered in snow and frozen.


So when there is snow or ice on the terrace, which seriously affects our travel and outdoor life, how should we deal with these ice and snow? What aspects need to be noted? What is the fastest and most convenient way to protect outdoor flooring?


Here are four snow removal tips to share with everyone~

*Snow Removal Tips*


When removing snow or ice from the terrace, do not use metal shovels or sharp tools. This will damage the surface of the floor. Recommend using plastic shovels or flexible brooms. If conditions permit, consider a leaf blower, which can also blow away snow in addition to leaf blowing.


When removing snow, it should be level with the floor and cannot be shoveled vertically. Otherwise, it may cause damage to the joints. Also, please do not use an ice cutter, even if it is made of plastic, as it may cause permanent cuts.

You can use calcium chloride based “ice melting agents” or rock salt to remove snow and ice from your wooden outdoor flooring. However, it is worth noting that the first step is to choose environmentally friendly melting agents. If not, it can cause chemical pollution and cause significant harm to children and pets. Secondly, it is not advisable to select melting agents that already contain added dyes, as this can cause color contamination.

After finishing, some small pieces of ice and scattered snow can be rinsed with water and gently scrubbed with a non-metallic floor brush. When the temperature rises, it is recommended to rinse with water to remove the previously used melting agent and other residual debris.

During the flushing process, children at home can also be involved to increase the fun of life.


Following these snow removal techniques can keep your terrace in its best condition year after year~


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