Kelai’s Guide: Key Points for Installing Outdoor Decking

The correct paving is crucial for the duration and effectiveness of outdoor decking usage. So, what should be paid attention to when laying outdoor decking?


*Leave Gaps at The Ends*

Why do the ends need to be sewn? Previously, we talked about the need to leave gaps between boards, mainly to reduce the potential problems caused by expansion rate, and also for ventilation and drainage. These are the main purposes. So, in the case where the 3.66m length of the floor is not fully covered, the end needs to be connected to a new floor. So the end also needs to be sewn. The gap at the end is generally consistent with the gap between boards. This also helps the paved outdoor flooring to be better used outdoors.

*The Role of Edge Banding*

Due to the groove of the board itself, although it can be installed without nails on the surface, it improves aesthetics and durability. But apart from the embedded situation on the ground, most of the time there will still be boundaries outdoors. In that case, in order to solve the problem of aesthetics, edge banding boards are often needed. Of course, the situation of edge banding varies. In common cases, we have dedicated edge banding plates. The edge banding board, except for a length of 2.44m and no grooves, is consistent with the normal floor material, thickness, width, texture, and color. After using the edge banding board, in order to secure the edge banding board, long tail screws can be used on the surface. We also have plugs with consistent texture and color that can be inserted on the surface to ensure that there are no abnormalities when viewing. In addition, enclosure can provide more design concepts, making the overall garden design look more natural.


If you are interested in the installation of composite decking, you can click on the video below, which is a teaching video about composite decking installation.


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