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In terrace garden design, the paving design of the terrace is related to the overall style of the environment, and different paving methods can highlight your personality.
Compared to indoors, outdoor terraces give you more space, unleash your imagination and creativity, and showcase various possibilities.


For example, with more styles, rich color combinations, and more creative shapes, Kelai will share two ways to make your terrace unique and personalized.


01 Colors

Outdoor space is inherently open and free, without being confined to a single color style. You can use various color combinations to enhance the personality of the outdoor terrace.

As shown in the figure below, the owner adopts a combination of two colors to build their outdoor terrace. The terrace floor is a mixed color of teak wood, and the walnut color outdoor floor is used as the border of the terrace, matching the color of the railing.


02 Shapes

Terraces can have different shapes, why limit your thinking to squares or rectangles? You can unleash your creativity and choose unique shapes:


The use of outdoor decking for functional applications such as flower boxes, benches, tables, fences, and fences has also added a lot of fun to terrace gardens.


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