Kelai Science Popularization | Why do outdoor decking need to have joist?

Kelai outdoor wood plastic composite decking floor, as a new type of polymer composite material, is more and more used around us, and has been recognized by customers for its excellent anti-corrosion, mildew resistance, aging resistance and non fading and non deformation properties.


When installing outdoor wood plastic composite decking floor, the joist is an indispensable key accessory. So how should we install the joist?


When installing the joist, it is necessary to control the spacing between the joists. Generally, Kelai outdoor flooring requires that the spacing between the joists shouldn’t exceed 400mm. Considering special load-bearing conditions, we recommend controlling the spacing between the joists between 350mm-400mm. If there are additional requirements, the spacing can also be reduced.

The Function of Striking Joist


The ground itself needs to be leveled, and the joist can improve the level of its paving. Because simple leveling of the ground is not as smooth as the joist.


Outdoor flooring requires ventilation and drainage, which can improve the effectiveness of outdoor flooring and avoid mold problems caused by accumulated water. At the same time, it can also ensure a clean outdoor environment for the home.

The floor requires a joist to help with load-bearing, and in many outdoor areas, large volume load-bearing requirements need to be addressed. A single floor is not enough to support long-term maintenance and requires the assistance of a joist.

Many outdoor landscapes emphasize a stepped layout and spatial layout. Creating a joist can help designers improve the layout effect they need and provide better feedback on design drawings.


The above is the reason why we need to install joist when installing outdoor composite decking, hoping to be helpful to everyone.


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