If you’re still using anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring?Please finish reading this article!

There are sufficient reasons to prove that
Compared to traditional anti-corrosion wood
High quality composite decking is the best choice for outdoor flooring

composite decking

Choose high-quality composite decking
The first thing to consider is Kelai Outdoor Flooring
It doesn’t crack, rot, or mold
Low usage cost, easy to clean
Of course, the most important thing is: health!


As early as 2003, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States exerted ressure on the timber industry to stop using corrosion-resistant wood treated with CCA (a commonly used wood preservative). Nevertheless, there are still many such anti-corrosion wood products used as outdoor flooring in the market today.

Researchers from the University of Florida in the United States have found that when anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring treated with CCA is wetted (even from mild dampness such as light rain or morning dew), the rate of arsenic leaching is three times faster than that of dry wood.

If high-pressure water guns and other pressure cleaning methods are used, the release of arsenic will increase. The most serious issue is that the water after cleaning the anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring will also contain excessive amounts of chemicals such as arsenic and chromates.


Wood treated with CCA
For people, pets, and the environment
There are serious health hazards present

If you are already using this CCA treated anti-corrosion wood outdoor floor, in order to ensure your and your family’s safety, please read carefully the following suggestions to reduce exposure to hazardous chemicals:

  1. Avoid direct contact with damp or partially dried anti-corrosion wood, especially newly cleaned or maintained anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring;
  2. Try to avoid pets or children coming into contact with damp or partially dried anti-corrosion wooden terraces;
  3. Avoid planting edible plants/vegetables in the soil around the anti-corrosion wooden terrace;
  4. When children play on or around the anti-corrosion wooden terrace, they must remember to wash their hands and avoid contact with food during play;
  5. Replace the existing anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring with safer outdoor flooring products, but do not dispose of or burn the replaced anti-corrosion wood casually, as burning the anti-corrosion wood treated by CCA will produce toxic gases.

If you are considering upgrading or replacing existing outdoor flooring, you can choose Kelai outdoor flooring:

(1) Rich colors (brown/white/gray);

(2) The three-dimensional natural wood grain is comparable to natural wood;

(3) Multiple product lines to meet different needs;

(4) Easy to clean and easy to maintain;

(5) Provide a warranty of up to 25-50 years for different products.

Kelai Wpc 1 1

Kelai outdoor flooring,

Create a beautiful outdoor life,

A product that will continue to be used as long as you choose it.


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