How to identify and prevent damage to outdoor decking?

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But if traditional wood is chosen for the outdoor flooring of the terrace garden, it may quickly compromise the outdoor experience and turn the outdoor oasis into a faded wilderness. Why is this? Because traditional outdoor flooring is prone to aging, mold, warping, and decay.

01 Factors Causing Outdoor Floor Damage

The main source of damage to the terrace garden floor is water or moisture.

Traditional anti-corrosion wood, including anti-corrosion wood such as pine or carbonized wood, is a porous structure of wood. This means that no matter how many preservatives or chemicals are used to treat these woods, water will eventually seep into the wood. Once water enters the wood, when exposed to direct sunlight, the water will evaporate and cause the board to crack. And the floor is exposed to strong ultraviolet radiation every day. Prolonged exposure to strong ultraviolet radiation can quickly fade the anti-corrosion wood, making the stains on the floor more and more obvious, making it only a matter of time for the floor to be replaced.


Outdoor anti-corrosion wood is generally prone to mold, mold formation, warping, deformation, and other phenomena after being damp. The anti-corrosion wood will show obvious water absorption and expansion, and the floor will undergo structural damage; Stepping on it will cause abnormal noise or a softer foot sensation.


02 Which material is the best choice for outdoor flooring?

Simply put, it requires a material with the least organic material composition and a protective layer on the surface. Reducing the composition of organic materials can reduce the occurrence of mold and decay, and the surface polymer protective layer can prevent moisture from infiltrating the outdoor floor core layer.
In summary, the combination of factors such as raw material selection, formula ratio, product design, research and development ultimately determines a material that can meet your needs for outdoor flooring, which is Kelai outdoor wood plastic composite decking floor.

Kelai composite outdoor decking is the best alternative to traditional anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring.


The entire series of Kelai wood plastic outdoor flooring products adopt a unique core material formula and coating layer, which can prevent outdoor flooring from being damaged by water and moisture, keep outdoor flooring away from aging phenomena such as mold, decay, and fading, and retain the most authentic wood surface texture.

01 Ultra long service life

One of the important selling points of Kelai composite decking is its long service life, which can maintain a long service life in various and complex outdoor environments. This requires a high quality of core materials for outdoor flooring. The combination of hardwood fibers and HDPE plastic particles can make Kelai decking possess the characteristics of wood, as well as the characteristics of plastic particles that are not rotten, not afraid of water, and not afraid of moisture.


02 Maintenance free

Compared with traditional solid wood or anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring, Kelai decking does not require frequent professional maintenance, such as polishing, oil brushing, coloring, etc. These tasks not only require a lot of additional costs, but also consume a lot of time, and more importantly, greatly reduce people’s outdoor living experience. Choosing Kelai decking can allow people to completely bid farewell to the tedious maintenance work and fully devote themselves to a leisurely outdoor life.


03 Security

The safety of outdoor flooring includes two aspects; Traditional solid wood or anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring, due to its own characteristics, cannot avoid cracking, deformation, and other situations, which can bring risks such as wood thorns and fragments. For those with children or those who like to walk barefoot at home, there is a potential risk.


Toxic chemicals are used in the production and maintenance of anti-corrosion wood, which can bring many potential safety hazards to people or nature. Kelai composite decking can ensure that it does not crack, thereby eliminating the risk of wood thorns; The maintenance free feature also keeps everyone away from toxic chemicals. In addition, Kelai composite decking is a new type of composite material that does not attract insects such as termites, ensuring that structural damage is not caused by insect infestation.

04 Be economical

Usually, the purchase price of Kelai outdoor flooring is higher than that of solid wood or anti-corrosion wood outdoor flooring. But when we look at the lifespan of outdoor flooring, Kelai composite decking has no subsequent usage costs. It has a sufficiently long service life and does not require tedious professional maintenance throughout its entire lifecycle. Why not save on usage costs and greatly improve the quality of outdoor life?

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