When we choose our composite decking, we must decide which side of the deck boards we are going to use – 3D embossed wood grain or groove sanding finish. The deep etched 3D embossed wood grain or deep grooved finish give the composite decking an authentic appearance and texture just like timber decking. No matter how you use the wood grain or groove side of the deck board, all of them offer low maintenance throughout their using, different from traditional timber decking.


A low maintenance, timber alternative, the next generation Deep Grain Composite Decking from kelaidecking is the perfect choice for any outdoor space. The deep wood grain finish replicates authentic timber, in the same time incorporating all the modern benefits of composite materials. Compared with traditional timber decking It’s a much more durable option. It is slip resistant and will not warp, rot or splinter, making it ideal for gardens, patios, pool areas and holiday homes.


Kelaidecking’s surface texture grooves have rows of lines cut into the composite deck. The benefits of having surface grooves face is that it offers you that traditional decking look which many option for. Surfaces grooves also provide better slip resistance particularly with our kelai range of anti-slip composite decking boards. Although no method is 100% slip-resistant, kelai range is the closest you will get. Grooves decks are over wood grain from point of slip resistance. The grooved side of our boards outperforms the wood grain side when wet however laying your boards either side up pr perpendicular to the general direction of traffic will elevate the low slip potential of your decking area.


Next generation Deep Grain Composite Decking from Kelai is perfect for garden decking areas and patios. The wood grain finish is softer on the feet and has a slip resistant surface. The two-sided composite decking boards offer a natural deep grain finish and a modern narrow groove. You can choose the right finish you like. But the boards with deep wood grain will be 10% higher than that with only grooves on both sides.


Choose what you want, do with your hearts. Beauty will come naturally.

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