Goodluck of beginning


During the joyful Chinese New Year celebrations, family and friends gather together, sharing stories and reminiscing. Time flies, just last night we were immersed in the festive atmosphere, while today it’s time to return to work.

I love my job! Life cannot always be spent in leisure and happiness, work is the guardian of joy! It has been eight days since I left Kelaidecking, eight days since I left my lovely colleagues. As the ancients said, “One day apart seems like three seasons,” I calculated and it feels like I’ve been apart for 24 seasons, haha! I imagine whether the female colleagues at Kelaidecking have been indulging in delicious food every day, becoming more plump. Are the male colleagues who take charge of welcoming guests still immersed in fine food and wine?

I worked at Kelaidecking for over seven years, always with my colleagues. Perhaps because we were too familiar, I didn’t pay much attention during normal days, but after being apart for a few days, I suddenly began to miss them. Last night, I scrolled through the workgroup, reading their names again, reminiscing about the fun moments at work, and couldn’t help but laugh. I timely sent a few New Year greetings to close colleagues before going to work, the holiday is over, no more saying “Happy New Year,” but wishing “Good-luck of Beginning”! With the door adorned with “Meet Happiness When Going Out,” stepping into the work position, wishing “good luck on going back to work”!

I am in awe of the depth of Chinese characters, in beautiful days, one can always find the right words, emerging from the lexicon, and blending into the current situation.

“A new beginning, everything will be renewed.” Each season arrives as scheduled, each spring will come on time. The future is full of anticipation. Let’s also wish Kelaidecking well together! All Kelaidecking employees are “moving towards the future” together.

On this day of going back to work, wish you “great luck in the Loong Year,” demonstrating the “energetic as a dragon and a horse,” steadfastly “moving forward like a Loong.” Keep warm in your heart and high in spirit!

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