2024 Rough and tumble, all the way forward

—– Salute to everyone at Kelai!


Dear kelai decking sales colleagues:

In the past year, each and every one of the sales department and Kelaidecking with the growth and progress, today’s New Year’s Eve, we can finally sit down together to eat, chat, raise a glass of wine, discus 2023 in Kelaidecking growth gains and losses, recall the sweet and sour in Kelaidecking.
Sales department is an important department of Kelaidecking development, for Kelaidecking’s continuous development plays an immeasurable role in promoting, struggling in the front line of the sales elite, but also for Kelaidecking’s sales performance efforts, fighting, sweating, whether it is the face of how many difficulties in the sales or daily tasks, you have maintained a consistently active! No matter how many sales difficulties or daily tasks you face, you all maintain a consistently positive mindset, a high sense of responsibility and focus on the work state, and Kelaidecking with the wind and rain, through thick and thin, all the way forward. We are grateful to you for this.


Especially the sales champion-Anna, in Kelaidecking, is the best, is the perseverance, is the courage! 2023 quietly firmly Kelaidecking sales beliefs, rise to the challenge, ‘focus’ on customer service, with data, with performance, to prove that they deserve. He has not only brought protection for the sales of the enterprise, but also driven the morale of the sales team, and is hereby commended and rewarded. We also hope that in 2024, we will continue to improve ourselves and make further efforts to create another brilliant future.


As a member of Kelaidecking, every one of you is an important and indispensable part of the company’s development. In this era full of competition, with Kelaidecking peer you, perseverance and dedication, is the most valuable wealth you left to Kelaidecking. Kelaidecking has prepared five gold beans for the employees who have worked for more than five years, as a recognition and thanks for your silent efforts. Your existence makes the company’s operation more smooth, and your contribution is precious as it can’t be measured by specific figures. Please accept this honour, which is a recognition of your selfless contribution, and thank you once again for your loyalty to the company and your love for your work!


With the approach of Spring Festival, the Lunar New Year is coming, Kelaidecking, with a grateful heart, has prepared red packets and gifts for all the partners, thankful for the encounter, looking forward to the future, and will continue to work together in 2024, through thick and thin, all the way forward, and jointly write a brighter tomorrow for Kelaidecking.


Finally, I would like to wish all Kelaidecking staff the best of luck, happiness and family fun in the new year!



General Manager of Kelaidecking

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