Give you FIVE reasons to choose co-extrusion wood plastic composite products


Under the conditions of wind and sun, Co-extrusion wpc products cannot be delaminated or bulged. This means that there are higher requirements for our production technology and raw materials.

1) The structure is very stable, the adhesion between the co-extruded layer and the core layer is strong, and their ratio is reasonable.

A easy test-It has been boil tested for at least 60 hours, after that, put in the refrigerator for 60 hours. You will find it is without damage or delamination.

The high-quality wood-plastic outdoor floor has a very strong fit and will not delaminate.

2) The core layer is covered 360 degrees by the co-extruded layer, which is completely resistant to moisture, ultraviolet rays, and molds.

3) The colors are richer. The color of the co-extruded layer is more durable, at least after the QUV test for more than 3000 hours.

4) The degree of scratch resistance can meet the wear requirements of general use places. You can use your fingernail or a coin to scratch it when you get a sample.

5)Both sides adopt polymer composite full-covering technology, and the surface is treated with double-matt brushed. The surface treatment of co-extrusion plastic wood is more like the real and natural texture of solid wood, making it more and more close to solid wood in terms of vision and touch.


In addition, we offer two types of co-extrusion products according to market positioning and customer preferences.

1. The outer material is hard plastic:

It is inelastic, not easy to repair and easy to fluff, but the texture is high-grade, and the price is relatively cheap.

2 The outer layer is made of soft plastic:

It is elastic, not fluff. The surface could be brushed and sanding. It also could be repaired if damaged. It has a feeling close to the timber wood, but the price is relatively high.

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