Composite decking has different surface textures and finishes

composite decking textures and finishes are specifically created to thoroughly capture the natural charm, character and feel of real wood.


You can purchase composite decking with grooves

Grooved decking is decking which has effectively had rows of lines,which was created with powerful anti-slip qualities. The grooved decking is a highly popular decking option for outdoor projects especially for pool around, walk way, balcony and terrace.


You can purchase composite decking with a wood grain finish. 

The wood grain finish of composite decking makes it possible for it to look like wood. This is a unique state-of-the-art blend of materials to produce decking that looks completely authentic without natural wood’s drawbacks of rotting, mold, splitting and splintering.


Aside from that, Kelai WPC plastic wood decking comes in many different colour: brown, dark-brown, oak, dark-oak, and anthracite grey composite decking. Different colour to be attractive to homeowners.


Kelai composite decking was created with powerful anti-slip, mould-resistant and rot-resistant qualities. It’s easy-to-clean, fire-retardant and environmentally-friendly qualities. This is often the first choice in composite decking for both commercial and domestic applications .


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