Are you still looking for outdoor decking by the swimming pool and outdoor SPA? I have something to say about this!!!

If you are looking for the best solution for outdoor decking, Kelai outdoor composite decking is definitely your best choice. Here are four reasons to tell you, each one is important!! Because it really fits!!

NO.1 Anti slip performance

Safety is always the top priority to consider. So the anti slip performance of outdoor composite decking applied in swimming pools is particularly important. Data shows that every year, the number of safety accidents caused by slipping at the edge of the swimming pool worldwide is second only to slipping in the bathroom, and the proportion is even higher than slipping accidents in the kitchen.


Kelai exterior composite decking has advanced laminating technology, and its surface anti slip level can reach the highest level of R-12, providing people with a safer user experience.

NO.2 UV resistance

Traditional outdoor flooring, which is exposed to ultraviolet rays and moist water for a long time, will quickly develop problems such as fading, decay, cracking, and mold. People have taken many other measures, such as using preservatives, wood wax oil, and so on, to delay the occurrence of these problems, but the actual results are not satisfactory; We have encountered many cases of injuries caused by the cracking, mold, and decay of wood near the swimming pool.


Kelai outdoor composite deck with advanced lamination technology by the pool edge is the most ideal choice. Its appearance looks as natural as solid wood outdoor flooring, and it will not fade due to long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays, let alone decay and crack due to moisture or proximity to water; It will not produce wooden thorns, causing inconvenience to people walking around the pool.

NO.3 The impact of pool chemicals

Kelaidecking can effectively deal with the effects of salt and chlorine containing pool chemicals.Usually, we use chlorine containing disinfectants to purify swimming pool water. And chlorine has a very significant effect on the oxidation and corrosion of solid wood outdoor flooring. Solid wood outdoor flooring that is exposed to humid environments for a long time will quickly rot, crack, and mold. If it encounters swimming pool chemicals containing chlorine elements again, those bad situations may come faster.


NO.4 Never fade

Kelaidecking does not fade, let alone exude some easily dyed liquids like some natural wood. All natural wood contains tannic acid. Unless the wood is absolutely dry and thoroughly sealed with oil, tannic acid substances will inevitably seep out. These liquids not only stain other decorative materials, but also flow into the swimming pool, affecting the water quality. We need to know that absolute drying and sufficient oil sealing of wood are almost difficult to achieve, or require significant costs. The vast majority of solid wood outdoor flooring in the market cannot be achieved.


Kelaidecking will not have the trouble of fading. It does not require any maintenance, will not fade, and will not exude those strange liquids.

All you need to do is enjoy the joy of swimming~


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