A Small Courtyard, Beauty Between Square Inches – Two Courtyard Design Styles Worth Collecting



A successful courtyard design is not about the size and cost of the courtyard, but about whether the style of the courtyard corresponds to the owner’s mood and whether the quality of the courtyard meets the owner’s requirements. Today we will take a look at two different courtyard design styles to help you create a high-quality exclusive courtyard together.

Pastoral style

The pastoral style design of the courtyard is a pure land in the center of the city with towering buildings. The most important design element of pastoral style is plants, therefore, choosing plants that meet the local terrain and climate conditions according to local conditions is the primary consideration. The pastoral style is relaxed and lively, with the fragrance of birds and flowers, making it the best choice to enjoy comfortable time in the bright sunshine.


It should be noted that there is a need for planting and irrigation in rural courtyards, so there are extremely high requirements for building material selection, especially for flooring, which requires the selection of waterproof and anti slip materials.

Modern minimalist style

Compared to pastoral courtyards, modern minimalist style does not have too many green plants that need to be taken care of, but instead pursues the harmony between structure and form in design, emphasizing the complementary effect of material quality and spatial design. Compared to complex decorations and rich colors, the simple and functional modernist style is more popular among young people.


No matter what style of courtyard you choose, high-quality ground paving is a guarantee for the courtyard to maintain long-term beauty. The quality of pavement directly affects the presentation effect and service life of the entire courtyard. Therefore, choosing an outdoor floor with online performance, quality, and aesthetics is particularly important.

Kelai Outdoor Decking

Kelaidecking is an outdoor flooring brand from China. Every outdoor floor we sell globally is produced locally in China and imported in its original packaging. Chinese production represents the highest level of wood plastic composite decking in the world.


Sitting in a poetic courtyard, with scenery inside and mountains and seas outside. Enjoying a lush and interesting circular courtyard, it accommodates all kinds of natural elements, while the surrounding mountains and rivers are seamlessly linked with the picturesque mountains and seas.

I hope everyone can find their ideal garden in their dreams, and in a corner of the city, there is a romantic little world of their own.


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