How is the WPC Profile Produced?

How is the WPC Profile Produced?

WPC Profile is made by a special process(Extrusion) from disused plant fiber(wood/bamboo powder) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE).

All the product process is based on high temperature and high pressure under the supervise of our technician to make sure the good quality and natural & elegant looks of WPC products.

WPC Profile Main Production process Including:

Mixing – Granulation – Extrusion – Surface Treatment & Cleaning – Packing

Let me make a brief explanation:
Raw Materials (Wood/bamboo powder + PE + Additives + Toner ) mixed well under high temperature and high pressure and to be prills,

and then those prills to be put into the extrusion machine, high temperature and high pressure make it to be liquid,

and then the liquid moved into the mould that is placed well in advance, extruded and cooled to be the exact products we need.

The Surface Treatment (Polishing & embossing) makes WPC boards look nice.

All the KELAI WPC profiles will be well packed to make sure it’s safe during the transportation

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