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WPC exterior wall cladding

With the development of society,  people have been tired of the exterior wall with the reinforced cement glass surface,

and began to advocate environmental protection and yearning for nature.

Therefore, we have launched an outdoor wall board-WPC exterior wall cladding, with a sense of design.

The WPC exterior wall is the best choice for eye-catching.

Your friends will see this unique exterior wall at first sight when they arrive at your house.

It is a good chance to show your taste and temperament.

Traditional outdoor boards are generally made of stone or cement fiber, solid wood, and so on.

However, with the research on building materials, people begin to choose warm and stable wood plastic composite material, as outdoor decoration, giving a stronger artistic flavor.

KELAI outdoor composite wall cladding is favored by people for its durable high quality, anti-fading, and maintenance-free characteristics.

You can use our WPC wall cladding in exterior wall decoration of Vila, office buildings, factories, and buildings as well as other exterior wall reconstruction projects.

We have many years of experience, which will make your exterior wall looks new and stands out in the community with cement walls.


WPC exterior wall cladding Main feature:

strong wood texture, resistant to abrasion & impact,

high density, moisture-proof, anti-termite,

easy to install and clean, low maintenance.

A.Looks and feels like natural wood
B.Durable, firm because of its high density
C.High degree of UV and color stability
D.Easy to install and low labor cost
E.Requires no painting, no glue, low maintenance
F.100% recycle, environmental friendly, saving forest resources
G.Barefoot friendly, anti-slip, no cracking
H.Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60 ℃
I.Safe to use for many years

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