What is the composite decking made from?

Raw Material of Composite Decking From Kelaidecking

All composite decking is made of a combination of wood fibers and plastic that together create a robust and durable decking material.

It is also often referred to as wood polymer composite decking (WPC decking), recycled decking, plastic composite decking, or synthetic decking.

At Kelai Decking, our attractive composite decking boards are made of 65% hardwood fibers from reclaimed materials and 30% high-density recycled polyethylene.

As well as being made from ethically sourced materials, our composite decking boards are environmentally friendly containing no PVC or toxic materials that could leak into your garden or outdoor area. Other 5% elements of our composite decking include high-quality color pigment and bonding agents. When combined, the finished product possesses all of the workable qualities of wood with the robust durability of synthetic materials resulting in a 20 year plus life span.

kelai decking

All of Kelai composite decking is FSC Certified passed too,

meaning that the manufacturing process and the wood used to make the boards meet the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council.

At KELAI, we make long-lasting products that you can rely on.

To reassure our customers and stockists of this high quality, our products undergo stringent quality inspection during manufacturing and are 100% quality inspected.

We have our own KELAI-employed quality control team, enabling us to control the entire process from start to finish – this guarantees our customers are receiving high-quality products with impressive tensile strength.

All our products are also independently tested to certify their strength and anti-slip results.

Using the above testing room we will test all the raw materials supplied from our approved suppliers.

For the wood fiber, we will test the moisture content and density to assure there is no unacceptable party.

Also, we need to track all the wood fiber coming from factories with FSC approved channels.

We do not make recycled polyethylene. So we need to buy that from other factories.

We need to source a factory that can offer us recycled polyethylene with qualified recycled plastic.

When we get that from them we will test the melting index of the plastic to promise our finished products with outstanding physical and chemical properties.

All in all composite decking from kelai decking will be eco-friendly and green environmentally.

If you want more information you can visit our website www.kelaidecking.com.

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