3D ON-LINE Deep embossing wood grain VS Normal embossing wood grain

WPC decking surface treatment

WPC decking surface treatment: Normal embossing emboss do after the production line, it is after production finishing.

The wood grain emboss by hot pressure, the texture is “plane” but not “layering”.

And the wood grain will wear down with time.

3D online embossing is  “vivid and artistic”,

it is finished during the production line with a high-temperature roller. ‘

The wood grain is more obvious, vivid, and elegant.

WPC decking with deep embossed woodgrain

The whole appearance of the WPC decking is more beautiful and natural.

In the applications, the wood grain is more long-lasting and anti-fading.

wpc decking for outdoor

Compared to the traditional wood floor product, The 3D embossed decking product will have a more natural visual effect and a more realistic wood grain texture.

And deep embossing technique does not need a follow-up treatment, it can fast finish the embossing procedure during the extrusion technique.

The grain texture of Deep embossing composite decking can provide long-termed durability because it is deeper than normal embossing.

The abrasion during the garden application is not as obvious as the normal embossing.

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