Best Composite Decking 2021

Best Composite Decking 2021

Wood-plastic composite (WPC) decking is made from wood fibers, plastics, and bonding agents, unlike ordinary wood, having many excellent characteristics.
1. Waterproof which will solve the problem of wooden products that are easy to rot and swell through wet and rainy weather.
2. Anti-mosquitoes and anti-insects, prevent insect bites leading to decay and easy breakage, extending service life
3. Eco-friendly and recyclable and save wood resources
4. Easy to install, which will make you save installation time
5. Easy to clean and no need for maintenance, that is save cleaning and maintenance time and costs
6. Good processability, that means can be ordered, planed, sawed, and drilled. The surface can be painted
7. Colorful, adjustable according to the favorite color
8. Anti-static, no-slip, so can walk barefoot
9. Weather fastness at -40°to 60°, makes it worldwide availability
10. Has the sense of wood grain
11. Can be made with desired specifications, that is highly adjustable


composite decking
148x23mm composite decking

Best Composite Decking 2021, from KELAI

There are many types of composite decking, coming in a wide range of several colors, including many that approximate the appearance of wood.

KELAI has dozens of different models of composite decking products in different designs and colors for customer needs.

composite decking
WPC 3d decking


There are many models, designs, sizes, and color options which can choose from when you search for composite materials, and the cost of composite decking can vary widely.

KELAI will give you the best solution as per your needs and requirements.

wpc outdoor decking
composite decking outdoor WPC

Composite decking is very durable and resistant to rot and dampness.

With minimal care, high-grade materials like KELAI Composite Decking can last for 25 years.

house decorative wpc flooring
wood plastic composite flooring

It is very easy to install composite decking.

Step by step tutorial supplied by KELAI will help you to do the installation quickly.

balcony flooring wpc decking
easy installation decking WPC


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