KELAI WPC FENCE – combine functionality with aesthetics and durability

KELAI WPC FENCE combines functionality with aesthetics and durability

kelai wpc fence panel



Expand your living area outside


WPC FENCE Offers you reliable protection against wind and weather

or allows you to have an outdoor space, to divide the area into different zones.

You can separate a terrace area or balcony area for the house, by KELAIFENCE

Fence your property or guard the pool area and the sunbathing area from prying

kelai fence

Compared with the traditional wooden fence

the KELAI safety wall is more durable and lets you relax and enjoy your time outdoors.

KELAI WPC safety barrier wall is the safety barrier screen for your house, balcony, terrace, and pool areas.


Low maintenance and designed to last

WPC wood plastic composite products are designed to be a fit-and-forget solution,

saving hours annually on traditional maintenance tasks.

The KELAI TECH screen panel system requires very little maintenance with no painting, staining, or sealing necessary,

just a little soapy water will suffice for the occasional cleaning.


We can provide the completed fence system to help you easily build a durable and beautiful outdoor space which includes all accessories, installation guides, and maintenance guides.


contact us now to get the best solution for your project or business.

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