Aluminum Slat Fence

Slat size:65x16mm

Pre-welded Panel



What is Aluminum horizontal slat fence

It’s an enclosure that uses welded horizontal slat panel with a supporting frame. This design can leave space between slats to provide visibility through it.  You can use it to give your patio or garden a slightly open feeling. It’s perfect for those who desire a modern fence.Even more, those who want privacy can opt this aluminum slat fence panel. This option can significantly obscure visibility because slats leave little space between them. However, it still allows air and light to pass through mostly unobstructed.

Why Choose Aluminum Horizontal Slat Fence

It has attractive visual features, and yet, it’s Minimalist in design. While slat fencing appears unique and simple, it has excellent appeal.


Durable a Low-Maintenance  

It doesn’t require any repainting and resealing. Just the occasional wipe-over or rinse should be more than enough.  Our aluminum fence can even withstand harsh coastal environments that experience a continuous salty breeze.

Privacy and Security

Our slat fence blocks some view, allowing you to create a more private space.We have two sizes of slats, 65/75mm, you can change the size of the slats to get greater privacy

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