Flat Top Fence

KELAI’s High Flat Top and Flat Bottom 3-Rail welded Aluminum Pool Fence is durable and light weight, providing a stylish and safe way to secure residential, commercial or industrial properties.

Installation is quick and easy, the panel is assembled well with all the components, and packed well before delivery.

KELAI Aluminum Fences require very little maintenance as they are treated well with two layer powder coating. Fasteners create a seamless appearance by hiding the components that are used to fit the fence panel together, and also attached with the 3-rails.

The flat-top, flat bottom design, not only give you a safe and secure fence but also a sleek and modern one.

It meets Adhesion Test making it a safe choice for all your fencing needs.


Advantages of Bias-able welded Design:

*Durable, attractive and long lasting fencing option.

*Enhancing the aesthetics and artistic value of steel fence.

*Multiple Color and Height Options

*Solutions to secure residential, commercial or industrial properties

*20-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty Guaranteed.

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