Wall Cladding WPC White Color-House Siding Options

Wall Cladding WPC White Color-House Siding Options

WPC siding is a popular option because of its durability, affordability, and low maintenance requirements.

Wall Cladding WPC White Color is the most popular color for a modern, elegant, and simple house decoration style need.

KELAIDECKING supplies you wpc wall panel cladding siding in white color, at a good price,

and we are doing our best to make sure all the details are perfect.


wpc siding


The production of a white color siding board in WPC composite material can be challenging due to several factors:
Firstly, the color white is much harder to achieve than other colors like brown or grey. This is because white pigment tends to scatter light, making it difficult to achieve a consistent shade.

Secondly, WPC composite materials contain a mix of wood fibers and plastic polymers. These materials can have different colors and can make it challenging to achieve a white color.

Thirdly, the processing conditions of WPC composite materials can affect the final color. The temperature and pressure used during the manufacturing process can cause discoloration or uneven color distribution.

Finally, WPC composite materials are susceptible to UV radiation, which can cause color fading and yellowing over time.

Considering all these factors, the production of a white color board in WPC composite material can be challenging, but it is not impossible. With proper formulation and processing conditions, it is possible to achieve consistent and long-lasting white color in WPC composite materials.



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