Continuous Improvement in KELAI

Continuous Improvement In KELAI

It may seem like we are constantly learning, but what do we truly gain from it?

To be honest, we don’t gain much. Instead, we often find ourselves trapped in confusion and anxiety, emotionally drained from blaming and complaining.

This was a topic discussed in our team meeting at Kelai Decking on Last Friday.

Regardless of the external environment’s changes, whether shipping costs are high or low, Kelaidecking’s sales manager Anna has been consistently shipping goods.

After the End of epidemic control, Anna was among the first in the foreign trade industry to venture out.

She just shared photos of her return to the country and the next day she was already assigned clients at the company (Kelaidecking).

When Anna talked about the growth of Kelaidecking’s team, she shared lengthy experiences.

The internal atmosphere at Kelaidecking has always been one of keeping up with each other, with high morale and frequent successes.

Anna said, “I’m not particularly talented, I just aim for my goals and keep learning.”

Continuous Improvement in KELAI

For newcomers like me, being able to join a company like Kelai Decking is incredibly fortunate.

I absorb everything like a sponge, crazily seeking any fuel that can help me greatly increase my abilities and income.

Even when I’m tired, the immense sense of accomplishment and the joy of personal growth drive me forward in a positive cycle.

Continuous Improvement in KELAI

Our team always maintains a clear focus on our goals, with an overwhelming number of tasks to be completed, leaving no room for wasting our energy on self-depletion caused by emotions like blame and complaints. Just like Anna, there’s no time to waste on adjusting to jet lag.

Yes, aiming for goals and continuous improvement might just be the most effective way for ordinary people like you and me to resist the flow of time.

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